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A Guide to Standing Stones & Stone Circles in the South of Scotland.

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Still to Visit

The list below contains brief details of stones and related locations that have still to be visited with a view of including them as entries in the site database. Note that some of the entries below have been listed from very scant records, such as word of mouth, and may not exist or might not be suitable or worth inclusion in the site.

001 Games Castle, Tweedsmuir.
002 White Stones, Saughtree Grain, Saughtree.
003 Standing Stone, Dunglass, Cockburnspath.
004 Loupin' Stone, Ryelaw Knowe, Craik Forest.
005 Stepping Stones, River Tweed, Tweedsmuir.
006 Tinlee Stone, Priesthaugh, Hawick.
007 Keilder Stone, Wauchope Forest, Jedburgh.
008 Covenanter's Stone, Duns Law, Duns.
009 Knocking Stone, Saughtree Grain, Saughtree.
010 Jenny Storie's Stone, Peel Fell, Wauchope Forest.
011 Standing Stones, Brundeanlaws, Camptown.
012 Hanging Stone, Cairn Hill, Cheviot Hills.
013 Stone, Brown Rig, Hawick.
014 Peden's Stone, Millstone Edge, Newcastleton.
015 Douglas Stones, Douglas Water, Yarrow.
016 Standing Stone, Burgh Hill Fort, Hawick.
017 Standing Stone, Little Cathpair, Stow.
018 Pech Stane, Billiemains, Chirnside.
019 Standing Stone, Lintlaw Burn, Chirnside.
020 Roman Mark Stones, Craik Moor, Hownam.
021 Standing Stone, Greystone Hill, Hermitage.
022 Stones, Broadlee Moss, Teviothead.
023 Watering Stane, Lauder.
024 Glacial Erratics, Loch Skeen.
025 Stone Alignment, White Meldon, Peebles.
026 Foal Stone, Galashiels.

057 Stone, Dreva Craig, Broughton.

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