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A Guide to Standing Stones & Stone Circles in the South of Scotland.

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Still to Visit

The list below contains brief details of stones and related locations that have still to be visited with a view of including them as entries in the site database. Note that some of the entries below have been listed from very scant records, such as word of mouth, and may not exist or might not be suitable or worth inclusion in the site.

001 Standing Stone, Knock and Maize.
002 Standing Stone, Port of Spittal.
003 Mirren's Stone, Cairnryan.
004 Long Tom Standing Stone, Cairnryan.
005 Taxing Stone, Cairnryan.
006 Standing Stone, Cairnryan.
007 Standing Stones, Glenterrow.
008 Standing Stone, Logan.
009 Standing Stone, Mull of Galloway.
010 Standing Stones, Laggangarn.
011 Coffin Stone, Glenluce.
012 Standing Stones, Auchenmalg.
013 Carlin Stone, Derrie.
014 Standing Stones, Knockcocher.
015 Standing Stone, Torhouse.
016 Standing Stones, Torhouse.
017 Standing Stone, Barvernochan.
018 Stones, Monreith House.
019 Standing Stones, Blairbuy.
020 Standing Stones, Blairbuy.
021 Standing Stone, Bagbie.
022 Standing Stone, Claunch.
023 Standing Stone, Stairfield.
024 Standing Stone, Glenquicken Moor.
025 Rocking Stone, Ornockenoch.
026 Hungry Stone, Cambret Moor.
027 Stones, Cambret Moor.
028 Stone Circle, Cambret Moor.
029 Standing Stones of Newton.
030 Stone Circle, Loch Mannoch.
031 Stone Circle, Drumbeg.
032 Williamson's Stone, Gateside.
033 Standing Stone, Torkatrine.
034 Stone Circle, Easthill.
035 Standing Stone, Kells.
036 Standing Stone, Home Farm.
037 The Thieves Standing Stones.
038 Stone Circle, Drumfern.
039 Standing Stone of Dalarran, New Galloway.
040 Rocking Stone, Newton Stewart.
041 Cuckoo Stone, St Johns Town of Dalry.
042 Chapman's Stone, Loch Ken.
043 Martyrs' Stone, Moniaive.
044 Hole Stone, Lochrinnie.
045 Stone Circle, Castle Douglas.
046 Shuttle Stanes, Hart Fell, Moffat.
047 Standing Stone, Bodesbeck.
048 Pedlar's Stone, Glenderg, Eskdalemuir.
049 Wolf Stone, Glenderg, Eskdalemuir.
050 Standing Stone, Kirkbog.
051 Preaching Stone, Beaconsfield Hill.
052 Smith's Stone, Dunreggan.
053 Greymare's Stone, Bogrie Moor.
054 Brockhill Stone, Dunscore.
055 Communion Stones, Glenkiln.
056 Standing Stone, Heathhall.
057 Brownies Cave, Bodesbeck, Moffat.
058 Stone Circle, Kirkhill.
059 Stone, Sax Corses, Parkgate.
060 Standing Stones, Windy Edge, Kershopefoot.
061 Wren's Egg, Port William.
062 Craw Stane, Cairnryan.
063 Old Laird's Stone, Cairnryan.

013 Stone, Whithorn Priory, Whithorn.

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