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003 Standard Stone, Bordie Moor, Culross.

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The Standard Stone is a flat rock outcrop with two oblong slots spaced about 0.35m apart. These man-made slots measure 0.50m long x 0.30m wide x 0.28m deep and 0.35m long x 0.28m wide x 0.25m deep respectively. The stone is not separate but appears to form part of the natural bedrock. The stone is well hidden by 2.00m high bracken in late summer and can be very difficult to find. There are a number of similar boulders (bedrock?) to the north.

From the parking area noted below, follow the forest edge east to approximately the third pole and where the firebreak is reached. A yellow plastic bag has been tried to the tree nearest the stone but otherwise good hunting because it might be missing. You should be able to use GPS from the edge of the wood although the trees degrade the signal severely. Good luck!

Take the A985(T) east from Kincardine and before Bordie, turn left into a single dirt road leading to what is marked "Nursery" which is actually stables. Ask for permission to park at the house.

The Standard Stone is supposed to mark the site of a battle between the Scots and Danes in the 11th century, the latter being victorious. These cavities are alleged to have been formed as supports for standards used during the battle. Although the precise purpose of the stone is not known this does seem reasonable. However, some commentators have though the battle fictitious. There are also some earthworks in the vicinity that may be associated with the said battle. There is also some suggestion that as the Tulliallan/Culross boundary is close by, the stone may be a boundary marker of some kind or have associations with the riding of the marches in the area. Mind you the "Battle of Bordie Moor" sounds just about right!

The dull and wet weather did much to dampen my spirits this fine Scottish day. Even dressed in high-tech waterproofs from head to foot, I was still soaking wet when I eventually found the Standard Stone and it took a further 10 minutes work to clear way the bracken to fully reveal the stone. Not the most interesting of stone I've visited but worth calling in if in the area. It does seem strange to my mind that you would need to square sockets to support a "standard" during a battle. And why two sockets? Would not one have been enough and why square? Surely the standard would have been on a round timber pole? Does make you wonder what other purpose they might have served? A portable gallows, perhaps? Oh, yes, if you do visit, jump and down on the stone and see if you think it hollow underneath. A burial chamber filled with treasure? One wonders...

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Kincardine
Landranger Sheet 65
O.S. Explorer Sheet 367
Grid Reference: NS 9542 8714
GPS Reference: STNDRD

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