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A Guide to Standing Stones & Stone Circles in the South of Scotland.

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Stone Types

There is no officially determined naming convention for the types of stone detailed in this web site and many stones fall within more than one category. However, for ease of reference, the following naming conventions have been used throughout the site.

Stone Circle
Collection of three or more standing stones forming a circle or similar setting.
Example: 039 Five Stone Circle
Standing Stones
Single or small number of stones forming a setting other than a circle.
Example: 053 Brothers' Stones
Named Stone
Stones with an associated name. May also be boundary stone or other type of stone.
Example: 002 White Stone
Associated Stone
Stones found in association with other site of antiquity such as hill forts and burial cairns.
Example: 013 Fort, Clovenfords
Boundary Stone
Stone found along a defined boundary such as the boundary to a county or parish.
Example: 038 Witch Craig
Glacial Erratic
Large, out-of-place boulder deposited after the last Ice Age.
Example: 019 Holyrood Park
Stone Setting
Collection of stones forming a defined shape other than a circle.
Example: 007 Crow Stones
Many cairns have large stones used in their construction.
Example: 049 Borrowstone Rig
Natural Feature
Natural stones or rock outcrops that have some local relevance.
Example: 014 Maiden Stone
Pseudo standing stones erected during modern times.
Example: 017 Bemersyde
Stones or natural outcrops with marking such as cup and rings marks.
Example: 028 Tormain Hill
Sacred Place
Iron Age hill forts, natural outcrops, isolated hills, caves and the like.
Example: 080 Talla Water
Other Stone
Any other interesting stone or stones not categorised above.
Example: 079 Cloven Stone
Chambered Cairn
Stone built cairn with large upright stones or slabs.
ple: 007 Cairnholy

021 Cairn, White Meldon, Peebles.

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