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028 Inscribed Stones, Tormain Hill, Ratho.

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Tormain Hill can be seen to the south west of Ratho village, itself located to the west of Edinburgh. The hill has eight examples of rock art, two of which are shown here, including cup and ring markings, a cross like structure with cups and an arrow that is likely to be a bench mark. Most are readily visible while other are obscured by moss and lichen growth. The marking are best viewed when the sun is low in the east or west during sunrise and sunset or when a light covering of snow highlights the markings. The remains of ancient burial cairns can be found nearby and a stone circle may also have once existed in the area, although no trace now remains. A large number of stones can be found along the footpath leading to the carvings and while most are the result of field clearance, some may have formed part of the original stone circle.

Starting in Ratho village, follow the road towards Bonnington Mains, to the west. A long, thin wood can be seen on the left and a footpath can be followed within the wood. The carvings are after the path ends. Care should be taken when crossing the barbed wire fence. GPS receivers may not work correctly at this location due to the surrounding woodland.

Ratho village.

Although not really currently within the remit of the present site, these stones are well worth looking out for, are relatively easy to get to and to find when you get there. One possible difficulty is climbing over the barbed wire fence when the footpath ends.

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Quick Info
Type: Inscribed Stones
Nearest Town: Edinburgh
Nearest Village: Ratho
Landranger Sheet 65
O.S. Explorer Sheet 350
Grid Reference: NT 1290 6965
GPS Reference: TORMIN

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