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013 Stone, Caddonlee, Clovenfords.

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This large, flattish stone lies within the ramparts of an Iron Age hill fort near Caddonlee Farm about 1/2 mile from Clovenfords. Measuring approximately 1.50 x 1.50m this stone is probably a glacial erratic and is not marked on Ordnance Survey maps of the area. It is interesting to speculate if it had some purpose when the fort was occupied.

From Clovenfords follow the A72 towards Peebles. After approx 1/2 mile turn left into private road leading to Caddonlee farm. The hill fort can be seen running parallel to the main (A72) road and the stone can be found just inside the ramparts to the north east end.

There is limited scope for parking near the fort, although there is space for vehicles on the verge of the farm access road. Please park so not to obstruct farm traffic. Alternatively, vehicles should be left in the village of Clovenfords 1/2 mile from the site. Take care walking along the busy main road. There is a wide verge along both sides for part of the route.

Though not shown on O.S. maps of the area and probably not of any known recorded significance, the fact that this single stone still survives within the confines of the Iron Age hill fort at Caddonlee near Clovenfords does give pause for thought. Nearly all the other stones in the area have been removed during field clearance and some of these can be seen in the rampart ditch to the south west end of the fort. Others can also be seen littering the ground to the north west side of the fort. So, what actually is this stone? It would be nice to think it may have stood upright as a standing stone and has since toppled. Perhaps it may have had an important ritual significance to the early dwellers of the fort but only detailed archaeological study might tells of more. In any case, it appears out of place and to my mind at least, worthy of being recorded here.

The following year, on my way to another site, I decided on the spur of the moment, to stop off here to get additional pictures. The weather was crisp and bright and after the photographs were on the bag, I started to have a closer look at this stone. What immediately caught my eye was one of the natural "cup" marks. On the north side of the stone a small channel or groove had been cut, as it to drain the "cup" mark. It does not appear natural and looks artificial but is rather shallow and would not drain the hollow very well. An interesting find!

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Quick Info
Type: Associated Stone
Nearest Town: Galashiels
Nearest Village: Clovenfords
Landranger Sheet 73
O.S. Explorer Sheet 338
Grid Reference: NT 4400 3556
GPS Reference: CADDON

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