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014 Wallace's Putting Stone, Galashiels.

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Wallace's Putting Stone is located on the summit of Meigle Hill to the west of Galashiels and is an enormous glacial erratic boulder over 1.20m high. The stone is covered in modern graffiti some showing dates over 100 years old. There are a number of natural erratic boulders located in this area and the stone shown above is the largest found in the area and has been taken to be the stone referred to.

Starting from Clovenfords, head for Meigle Farm on the Galashiels side of the village. Follow the access track for the transmitter mast on Meigle Hill. Note that the stone is situated at a height of 423m and involves a strenuous climb. The stone is quite difficult to find, being hidden in thick forestry with numerous fallen trees. However, there is a collapsed walled enclosure to the west of the trig point and the stone is located towards the north-west end under some large pines trees.

Note: GPS receivers may not work correctly at this location due to the surrounding woodland.

Vehicles may be parking in Clovenfords.

Other than the possible connection with William Wallace, this taken from the name of the stone, no folklore or other traditions have been found associated with this stone.

There are numerous likely candidates on the top of Meigle Hill that could be taken for Wallace's Putting Stone but you need to get into the wood to find the right one. The stone is within the area formed by a collapsed dry stone wall, at the north east side. It's an impressive stone and fitting to be associated with this Scottish legend.

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Galashiels
Nearest Village: Clovenfords
Landranger Sheet 73
O.S. Explorer Sheet 338
Grid Reference: NT 4667 3602
GPS Reference: PUTTNG

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