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078 Basin Stone, Thornylee, Walkerburn.

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This large stone slab measures less than 1.00m square, is about 0.30m thick and can be found at the top of Thornylee Forest, an area of woodland managed by Forest Enterprise. The stone has a distinct hollow or basin in the centre and appears to have been deliberately propped underneath by smaller stones. The name "Basin Stone" has been suggested by the author.

Thornylee Forest is well signposted off the A72 between Walkerburn and Clovenfords. Leaving the vehicle at the parking area, follow the woodland trail until the highest spot is reached, overlooking the open fields to the north. The stone is obvious and sites on the south or forest side of the dry stone wall.

Off road parking and picnic area at Thornylee Forest.

There is no specific folklore associated with this stone but there is an old Scottish remedy for warts where the afflicted wash the warts in water that has collected in natural stone basins. After washing the warts would disappear. Must try it next time I visit the area!

This stone immediately stood out when myself and my wife, Cathryn, were out for a walk in Thornylee Forest. The weather had been quite wet recently and the accumulated rainwater in the basin of the stone was what drew our attention to it. Whether the stone has found itself in this position by chance or deliberate action is unknown and no reference to this stone has been found. Co-incidentally, my parents also visited the area some time later and they also noticed the "Basin Stone".

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Quick Info
Type: Other Stone
Nearest Town: Galashiels
Nearest Village: Walkerburn
Landranger Sheet 73
O.S. Explorer Sheet 338
Grid Reference: NT 4060 3775
GPS Reference: BASINS

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