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080 Sacred Place, Talla Water, Tweedsmuir.

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The valley formed by the tumbling Talla Water to the east of Talla Reservoir in the Tweedsmuir hills is a magical place to visit at any time of year. This little valley is steep sided and littered with about 20 large glacial erratic boulders, many weathered into strange and evocative shapes. The valley floor alongside the Talla Water is also littered with drumlins, small mysterious hillocks deposited when the glaciers retreated after the last Ice Age. The whole area has an strange atmosphere and can be quite spooky when weather and mood combine favourably. Its almost as if you are surrounded by burial mounds and recalls scenes from Conan the Barbarian.

Take the Tweedsmuir turn off from the A701 and follow the road past Talla Reservoir. Ascend the single track steep hill road alongside the waterfalls at Talla Linnfoots. At the small bridge follow the track that runs alongside the Talla Water. The track eventually ends but simply follow the course of the stream. Both the stones and drumlins can be found along the sides of the stream.

There is space at the bridge for parking and a small off road lay-by can be seen just a few metres further up the road.

I visited this site many years ago to take some black & white photographs, which actually won me 1st, 3rd and Best Print in the Exhibition at my local camera club. This was almost 20 years ago and I wanted to return to see if the place still held the same strange magic it did back then. I was not disappointed. The weather was mostly dull and grey with the sun occasionally breaking through and I was soon able to locate the same stones I had found previously. They had lost none of their appeal and although not recognised antiquities, they are still worthy of being called ancient stones, such is the uncanny atmosphere of the place.

At the higher reaches of the valley, the so-called ancient burial mounds (actually geological features called drumlins) begin to reduce in height and it was just before reaching the open moorland that I had the strangest feeling that I was being watched. It felt as if I was trespassing somewhere that I did not belong but could see no-one about or on the hills tops. Even as I write this, a shiver runs up my spine. The feeling was most odd and very much akin that that experienced at 037 Black Knowe in the Cheviot Hills. It would be most interesting to visit again at night, perhaps under the silvery glow of a full moon. Best not go alone, mind you!

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Quick Info
Type: Sacred Place
Nearest Town: Moffat
Nearest Village: Tweedsmuir
Landranger Sheet 79
O.S. Explorer Sheet 330
Grid Reference: NT 1558 1940
GPS Reference: TALLAW

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