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007 Crow Stones, Nine Stone Rig, Cranshaws.

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The Crow Stones are a large semi-circle of stones situated to the south end of Crow Moss. It has been claimed they once formed a Druidical Circle but this has never been fully established but it is agreed that they were erected for some ancient purpose. The stones are sometimes well hidden in thick heather and it may be difficult to get an good overall view of the site.

Taking the B6355 east from Gifford stop near the electricity pylons at the entrance to Mayshiel Farm. Follow the fence line down to Kingside Burn then head west, keeping to the fence. The stones can be found by extending a line between the pylon at the road and the stone sheepfold. There are faint trails through the heather leading to the stones but these are only obvious after the stones have been found!

On grass verge at roadside.

When I first found this site, I was rather disappointed. The stones are small and almost hidden in the thick heather and getting some idea of the overall site is difficult. As to what this site is, I have no idea and would not even hazard a guess. Perhaps one day the heather will be cleared and at least for a little while, the Crow Stones will be visible again.

Note: May 2005. A heather burn has now revealed the Crow Stones! See picture above.

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Quick Info
Type: Stone Setting
Nearest Town: Duns
Nearest Village: Longformacus
Landranger Sheet 67
O.S. Explorer Sheet 345
Grid Reference: NT 6184 6520
GPS Reference: CROWST

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