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005 Standing Stones, Bandrum Hill, Saline.

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The standing stone on Bandrum hill near Saline is a huge whinstone boulder located at the end of a dry stone dyke running along the edge of the golf course. It stands 2.50m high and measures 1.60m wide x 1.70m thick. The top is rounded and the broadest faces are aligned to the north and south. The stone is possible a boundary stone although another, smaller stone built onto the wall about 60m to the west may suggest another purpose such as a stone circle although no recorded evidence suggests this. The second stone at NT 0344 9188 measures 1.30m x 1.00m x 1.10m. Neither of the stones have any markings.

From Saline, walk east along the B914. As you pass the golf course you will see a fence line running up the hill. Cross the road at this point and ascend the hill, keeping the fence on your right. On the summit of the hill, the stone is situated in the corner and best viewed from the field side rather than the golf course. The second stone can be seen in the wall from either side.

Available along side of main street in Saline.

It seems such an excellent spot for this to be a mere boundary stones and the second stone may also support that is setting has hidden meanings. At 225m, the hilltop offers splendid views all round with a fort being visible on Easter Cairn to the north east. The two stones are approximately aligned east - west possibly suggesting some form of astronomical alignments.

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stone
Nearest Town: Saline
Landranger Sheet 58
O.S. Explorer Sheet 367
Grid Reference: NT 0348 9187
GPS Reference: BANDRM

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