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A Guide to Standing Stones & Stone Circles in the South of Scotland.

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GPS Waypoints

To aid fellow stone hunters in their quest to find all the stones and sites listed in Ancient Stones, I�ve created a set of downloadable GPS waypoint files, each file listing the stones in the various regions covered by the site. These files can be uploaded to your GPS device using a software program and a serial or USB cable, depending on the model of your GPS device.

Program File Format Waypoints File
Garmin Trip & Waypoint Manager .gdb download
GPS Utility .txt download

There are many different programs to do this and each uses a different file format but the principle is very similar in each case, although you might need to vary the instructions below depending in which GPS receiver and software program you use.

  1. Download the appropriate waypoint data file to your computer by right-clicking and choosing the "Save Link As..." option.
  2. Run your software program and connect up your GPS device.
  3. Next, using your software program, open up the waypoints file and upload it to your GPS device
  4. Then just use the GOTO feature (or whatever) and you�re on your way to the stones!

One of the problems with some GPS receivers is that their ability to store waypoint data is sometimes limited, in the case of my own Garmin eTrex, I have only 6 characters to describe the waypoint. This can be a problem when you have a large number of waypoints. To get round this problem I�ve included a brief comment for each location which will assist in identifying the site. Just print out the GPS waypoint file before you head out and use if to help identify which site you wish to find.

You can download a trial version of GPS Utility from

004 The Borestone, Culross.

You should always be prepared and capable of navigating without a GPS receiver. It is designed to augment other forms of basic navigation, such as using a map and compass, not entirely replace them. 

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