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002 King's Chair, Gullane Hill, Gullane.

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The Kings' Chair is a natural? boulder in the shape of a rather uncomfortable reclining chair, hardly fit for a King!. The stone is part of a group of three stones and appears to be of the same rock found locally. Other stones can also be seen in the immediate area.

Gullane is about 15 miles east of Edinburgh and the King's Chair can be reached either from the Gullane Bents or the town. From either location there are winding footpaths that will lead you to Gullane Hill. The King's Chair is on the north or seaward side of the hill below the rocky outcrops.

At Gullane Bents where a charge may be made during the season or in the town.

All I had to go on when I first visited this location were the words "King's Chair" on Ordnance Survey Explorer Map 351. The database at RCAHMS had no entry but the name itself and a rock outcrop shown on the map indicated it might be worth a look. Even if there was nothing to see, it was also a good bird watching area. After exploring the hill top and only finding exposed and natural bedrock, I was about to give up when I noticed a few boulders lower down the north slope of Gullane Hill, on the slope facing the Firth of Forth. Closer inspection revealed the King's Chair. It's not that thrilling in itself but when you've followed up a lead and actually found something, it raises the location in your personal values. Nice location with good views and worth a look.

Also of interest is that "King�s Chair" is the name given to the 8th hole on Gullane Golf Club�s 18-hole Number One course, established back in 1884. This shows that the "King�s Chair" has at least existed since that time, and probably much longer.

For those interested in strange goings-on, October 2000 saw the nearby village of Gullane hosting the East of Scotland UFO Conference in the Templar Lodge Hotel. East Lothian has two notable sites for those interested with all things extra-terrestrial. Both Traprain Law near Haddington (site of 014 Maiden Stone), and North Berwick Law, are recognised "hot spots" for UFO activity and attract regular parties of "sky-watchers". Numerous strange sightings have been reported in and around the area.

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: North Berwick
Nearest Village: Gullane
Landranger Sheet 66
O.S. Explorer Sheet 351
Grid Reference: NT 4730 8299
GPS Reference: KINGSC

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