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049 Stone Circle, Penshiel, Cranshaws.

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The four large prostrate stones at this site have been claimed to be the remains of a demolished stone circle. Three of the stones lie in a straight line with the largest of the three measuring some 1.80m long x 0.75m wide and an estimated 0.50m thick. The second of the larger stones is slightly smaller. Two other stones can be seen but are almost hidden by vegetation. A row of large boulders can be seen nearby and were claimed by earlier observers to possibly have an association with the larger setting.

From the B6355 running between Gifford and Cranshaws, leave your vehicle at the cattle grid to the north west end of Whiteadder Reservoir. Follow the single track road on foot or by bicycle towards Penshiel and Priestlaw (also marked as Herring Road). The stone can be seen on the right not long after Penshiel and after passing the Chapel Stone.

On verge by cattle grid at sign for Whiteadder Reservoir. There is a sign stating that vehicles are not permitted along the single track road to Penshiel but you could always ask!

Although it does take some stretch of the imagination to see anything resembling a stone circle here, the stones themselves are certainly large enough for the purpose and with other stones settings and circles in the area (See 007, 013 & 017), it would not surprise me if this was indeed a lost stone circle. As with my visit to 048 Chapel Stone, which was in fact the same day, the weather was against me and the thick mist and drizzle did not encourage extensive exploration of the area. Just the excuse for another visit, but next time when the sun is shining!

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Quick Info
Type: Stone Circle
Nearest Town: Duns
Nearest Village: Cranshaws
Landranger Sheet 67
O.S. Explorer Sheet 345
Grid Reference: NT 6402 6309
GPS Reference: PENSH2

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048 Chapel Stone, Penshiel, Cranshaws.

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