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051 Boar Stone, Barbachlaw, Armadale. 

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The Boar Stone is a very large, low lying natural boulder situated in an arable field just off the A89 west of Armadale. The stone is massive and measures some 5.30m long x 4.00m wide. As the boulder is partially buried into the crest of the hillside, the actual depth is unknown although above ground level the stone reaches about 1.00m high. The stone does not bear any apparent symbols or inscriptions.

From Armadale, a few miles west of Bathgate, follow the A89 west. The stone can be seen in a field to the south about half a mile after the school.

Along street in Armadale.

Tradition regarding this stone and the origin of the name "Barbachlaw" states that it is connected with a wild boar, brought to bay at this stone by a weaver, who took off his left shoe buckle and fastened it to his hand for protection, killing the animal with his sword. It is evident that this is only a story invented to account for the name, but the stone may no doubt have some connection with the boar chase of ancient times.

While this is surely an impressive stone, the weather on the day of my visit was dull, cold and grey and did nothing to life my spirits. This was the same for the other stones I "bagged" that day. Perhaps another visit, during better weather might prove more enjoyable.

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Bathgate
Nearest Village: Armadale
Landranger Sheet 65
O.S. Explorer Sheet 349
Grid Reference: NS 9233 6820
GPS Reference: BORSTN

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