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055 Stones, Ragstone Rig, Cranshaws.

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There are no stones recorded as antiquities on Ragstone Rig but close inspection of the area revealed two small stone settings, located about 15.00m apart and consisting of no more than a few small stones in each, with one or two larger earth fast upright stones. The largest stone is in the north east setting and reaches 0.60m in height.

Take the minor road between Whiteadder Reservoir and Garvald. Leave car as noted below and follow the road north until Rangely Kip is on your left. The spur of Ragstone Rig is between you and Rangely Kip. A GPS is recommended to find these stones.

At off-road parking area leading to Johnscleugh Farm.

The purpose of this field trip was to see if there was anything on the ground to throw light on a couple of interesting place names, Tipperstone Rig and Ragstone Rig, two areas of land not far from Nine Stone Rig stone circle. I did not expect to actually find anything but to discover two unusual groups of stones was quite amazing. Both stone settings comprise a small number of earth fast stones protruding from the heather. They do not look natural, i.e. in that they are natural rock outcrops, and might be the remains of burial cairns or some other prehistoric structure. Both are in slight hollows, possibly indicating where further stones have been removed.

One thought is that they are the remains of shepherds cairns or perhaps old shooting butts, now robbed of stone to construct the present grouse shooting butts that are located not far to the west, although this does seem rather unlikely as many of the stones seemed to have been deliberately set on edge. Neither of these sites is recorded in the RCAHMS database and my perambulation of Tipperstone Rig did not reveal any similar structures.

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Quick Info
Type: Stone Setting
Nearest Town: Duns
Nearest Village: Longformacus
O.S. Landranger Sheet 67

O.S. Explorer Sheet 345
Grid Reference: NT 6195 6705
GPS Reference: RAGRIG

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