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019 Grey Mare's Foal, Longformacus.

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This large glacial erratic bounder is slightly smaller and different in shape to the Grey Mare. The stone is easily located and can be seen about 2.00m from the south-west side of the road. There is a faint "arrow" carved on the top surface of the stone. It may indicate the direction of the Grey Mare but is more than likely an Ordnance Survey benchmark.

Wether Law can be found to the south west side of the road between Longformacus and Gifford. For reference, the hill is due south of Whiteadder Reservoir. The stone is easily seen from the roadside, just opposite the head of the gully formed by the Killmade Burn.

There are a few small parking spaces along the roadside verge in the area.

At first you might think this is just another big old boring stone lying on the hillside. And, of course, you could be right, it might just be that. However, if you look at Ordnance Survey Explorer Sheet 345, there might just be an alignment or ley between the Grey Mare, her Foal, Table Ring Cairn on the north east slope of Penshiel Hill and Nine Stones Stone Circle. Obviously placing a ruler on a map is pretty rough ready and proper ground work would be required to prove this ley. The Grey Mare's Foal may also not be in it's original position as I suspect it may have been moved slightly when the roadside drainage ditch was created. Might be worth further investigation though.

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Duns
Nearest Village: Longformacus
Landranger Sheet 67
O.S. Explorer Sheet 345
Grid Reference: NT 6537 6082
GPS Reference: GMAREF

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018 Grey Mare, Wether Law, Longformacus.

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