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028 Font Stone, Kirkhope, Manor.

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The font stone, actually a re-worked base for a cross can be found beside St Gordian's Cross on the hillside above Kirkhope Burn. The cross-base, of grey sandstone, has been much damaged, particularly the socket which has been enlarged, apparently by battering, to form a rough basin with a notch for an overflow. It measures 0.66m x 0.56m on plan and reaches 0.43m high.

Take the A72 west from Peebles and turn left for Kirkton Manor. Continue following the minor road up Manor valley. Stop at the bridge over Kirkhope Burn. Follow the farm track up the valley, heading for Old Kirkhope. The stone can be seen in the walled enclosure on the right.

Off road beside bridge over Kirkhope Burn.

The stone was only brought to the site in the 19th century and once stood at the road junction between Hallyards and Manor Kirk.  Why it was moved is not known but is likely to have some religious connection. It is also believed to have been the pedestal for a boundary stone marking the meeting point of three laird's lands and was thought to have stood at the foot of the Glack Brae on the route of an ancient drove road that links to the Thief's Road. A close study of the stone brought some interesting thoughts to light. The recess on top of the stone appears to have been created in two separate and distinct stages. The first stage is the formation of a shallow bowl or basin with a v-shaped notch in the rim to act as an outflow. The second stage is where the bowl has been deepened by cutting a straight sided pocket to take a cross-base. This would suggest that the stone was originally use as a font for religious or other ritual (pagan?) purposes then was later used as a cross-base.

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Peebles
Nearest Village: Kirkton Manor
Landranger Sheet 72
O.S. Explorer Sheet 336
Grid Reference: NT 1947 3074
GPS Reference: FONTS1


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