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041 Standing Stone, Horseshoe Wood, Hownam.

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This solitary standing stone is situated on a knoll just south of the Hownam - Belford road, about 200m after Horseshoe Wood. It now leans at an angle of about 55 degrees from the vertical, but once stood erect as it is packed round the base with small blocks and it's present upper and lower surfaces show no difference in weathering. The stone measures around 0.95m high and 0.85 x 0.38 at base level.

From the village of Hownam, walk to the south end of the village and before crossing the bridge, follow the track heading uphill and to the right. Continue on this track past Horseshoe Wood, the standing stone can be seen to the right.

Ample parking space is available at the village hall, to the south end of the village. Please do not park in front of the houses.

Two notable points of interest here. One, the position of the stone only a few metres from an ancient trackway known as The Street, would have brought the stone and whatever it's purpose, to the attention of travellers. The second point is a nearby stone alignment known as The Shearers, a row of 23 stone on the moorland less than half a mile away. Any connection is purely speculation.

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stone
Nearest Town: Jedburgh
Nearest Village: Hownam
Landranger Sheet 80
O.S. Outdoor Leisure 16
Grid Reference: NT 7874 1890
GPS Reference: SSHRSE

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040 The Shearers, The Street, Hownam.

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