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044 Trestle Cairn, Dere Street, Hownam.

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Trestle Cairn stands on an unnamed hill, 200m east of Plea Shank and immediately adjacent to Dere Street a Roman road. It measures around 15m in diameter and stands some 0.7m high, with several large boulders set on edge within the circumference along the south side of the demolished cairn. The cairn has an uneven surface and is badly disturbed. It's remains consist of 17 stones distributed within the circumference of the demolished cairn. Only the 2 stones are now earth-fast, the other 15 stones have been moved and in many cases broken, so that any arrangement in which they now lie is fortuitous.

This site is best reached by following Dere Street, the Roman Road. Take the minor road running south from Hownam then head right for Oxnam. Dere Street is crossed at Pennymuir Forest, at the junction leading to Towford Outdoor Centre. On foot or by mountain bike, follow Dere Street north. Trestle Cairn can be seen over the wall on the left. Note that parts of the route are very wet and boggy and sturdy footwear is recommended.

On verge beside Pennymuir Forest.

Finding this cairn was a bonus as it did not feature on my list of sites to visit when I set out to record the other standing stones and stone circles in the area. It did not have the dark, evil atmosphere of the earlier cairn I had visited on Black Knowe and was altogether a much lighter and happier location. So much that I was able to sit down for a brew while waiting for the sun to break through the clouds. The cairn is only a few metres from Dere Street and the standing stone on Chatto Craig can be seen to the west, Five Stones, a stone circle can be seen to the north.

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Quick Info
Type: Cairn
Nearest Town: Jedburgh
Nearest Village: Hownam
Landranger Sheet 80
O.S. Outdoor Leisure 16
Grid Reference: NT 7517 1613
GPS Reference: TRESTL

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