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058 Stob Stanes, Stob Rig, Kirk Yetholm.

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The Stob Stones or Stob Stanes are situated about 200m west of the Scottish - English Border, not far from where the Pennine Way long distance footpath crosses the Border. The larger of the two stones still stands erect and measures 1.35m wide at base and reaching 1.65m high. There is also evidence of stone-packing around the base. The second stone now lies recumbent across it's original base, some 5.40m to the south and measures 1.50m long x 0.90m wide x 0.60m thick. Both stones are of a local rock known as porphyry.

From Kirk Yetholm follow narrow minor road up steep hill with passing places. Immediately after road drops down to valley floor, turn left into large grassed parking area. On foot, follow sign posted footpath marked Pennine Way, ascending Green Humbleton. Do not follow the valley floor route. The stones can be seen to the right nearing the top of the hill.

A large off-road parking area is available but can be busy during holidays. Take care not top block access from farm vehicles.

The stones are known locally as the "Gypsy Stobs" and the name relates to the tradition that the stones mark the spot where the gypsy kings and queens were crowned. The stones are possibly actually boundary stones, set up to mark the line of the Scottish - English Border and although the present Border is some distance to the west, this point was regarded as fixed as far back as 1222, pointing to a medieval date.

The larger of the two Stob Stanes is actually quite impressive when you get up close and you cannot help but wonder just what it's true purpose was and perhaps, still is. The area is rich in ancient remains with hill forts, tumuli, cairns and homesteads all within easy walking distance. However, it's a small stream with the evocative name of the Witchcleuch Burn, not far to the south, that gets my imagination running riot. One wonders just what strange and mysterious rituals the Stob Stanes have born witness to in the, perhaps not to distant, past. Check our stone 077 while your there, its just across the river at the ford. You cannot miss it.

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stones
Nearest Town: Kelso
Nearest Village: Town & Kirk Yetholm
Landranger Sheet 74
O.S. Outdoor Leisure 16
Grid Reference: NT 8514 2701
GPS Reference: STOBSS

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