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002 Standing Stone, Newton, Moffat.

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This massive whinstone boulder reaches 1.80m above ground level and measures approx. 1.50 x 1.00m on plan. The stone is situated in an arable field a short distance east of the public road opposite Skip Cottage, south of Newton. This well rounded glacial erratic has a pointed top and is thickest around its midriff. A second, and possibly, other boulders, can be seen protruding from the embankment running along the roadside and it has been suggested that these might be the remains of a stone circle, although nothing has come to light to provide any evidence of this. CANMORE records that a 'roughly hewn stone with markings on it was discovered during investigations around the base of the standing stone; this second stone cannot now be identified.

From Moffat, follow the minor road heading south for Newton. The stone is visible from the road, under the trees, in the field opposite Skip Cottage. Take care if crossing the barbed wire fence. Note that livestock may be in the field.

There is space outside Skip Cottage but do ask permission first and do not block access.

Local tradition at this standing stone records that if you find the stone warm to the touch, then the stone is "alive". Should the stone be cold to the touch, it is "presumably" sleeping. There is also the mysterious case of a local lady who photographed the stone only to find that none of the images came out! Spooky or what?

I actually missed this stone when I initially rode past on my motorbike and it was only on the return that I finally spotted it. How you can miss a stone of this size is a mystery! Perhaps, it does not want to be seen? A nearby resident mentioned that there are rumours that a stone circle existed at the nearby church but further investigations have yet to reveal additional facts. As with the nearby stone at 001 Poldean, the course of a Roman road also lies not far to the west. Could this also be a possible connection with this site?

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stone
Nearest Town: Moffat
Landranger Sheet 78
O.S. Explorer Sheet 322
Grid Reference: NT 1118 9443
GPS Reference: NEWTON

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