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042 Cromwell's Stone, Harburnhead, West Calder.

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Cromwell's Stone is an un-inscribed natural boulder, embedded in the ground some 20m north from the south west corner of the surrounding wood. It measures 1.0m x 0.8m x 0.6m and is situated within coniferous woodland.

Take the B7008 south east from West Calder. The stone is located in the woods opposite the golf course. Note: GPS does not work in the confines of the wood. A North bearing from the south east corner of the wood will lead you to the stone.

Parking is difficult in this area but permission may be sought to park in a small off-road parking are beside Harburn Golf Course.

Cromwell's Stone is a large rounded stone from which Cromwell is traditionally said to have reconnoitred the surrounding country.

The elusive Cromwell's Stone. Two separate trips to the area and three hours of scrabbling through thick coniferous woodland finally brought Cromwell's Stone to light. Twice I searched nearly every inch of the surrounding woods but finally decided to try and follow a compass bearing from the south west corner. This was quite tricky through the thick trees but I eventually found myself where the stone should be and there it was, hidden under a fallen conifer. And was it worth it I keep asking myself? Well, probably not. The stone is plain and would otherwise be forgotten. Only a possible? association to that chap Oliver Cromwell to give it a place on the map. All good fun, I suppose and I have the scratches to prove it!

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Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Livingston
Nearest Village: West Calder
Landranger Sheet 65
O.S. Explorer Sheet 344
Grid Reference: NT 0398 6068
GPS Reference: CROMWL

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