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007 Giant's Stone, Menzion, Tweedsmuir.

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The Giant's Stone forms part of a group of three standing stones situated on both sides of the road leading to Fruid Reservoir from Tweedsmuir village. The stone stands at around 1.60m high and is located on the south side of the road. There are two other standing stones nearby. Parish records of 1833 state that there were other stones but these were carted away, presumably to build dry stone dykes. The 1" Ordnance Survey map of 1859 - 1860 fails to note the two other stones at this location and notes the Giant's Stone as "Remains of Druidical Temple".

From the A701 Penicuik to Moffat road, take the sign posted junction for Tweedsmuir village. Leaving the car in the gravel parking area on the south side of the village, walk along the single track road heading up to Fruid Reservoir. The Giant's Stone can be found less than 1 mile along this road. The stones are easily seen and the Giant's Stone is on the right hand side.

There is no parking beside the stones and vehicles should be left at the gravel area beside the monument in Tweedsmuir village.

The 1845 Statistical Accounts of Scotland is worth quoting on this legend.

"Close by the road leading from the church to Menzion House, there are the remains of a Druidical temple or Pictish court of justice. Only one stone is left of a number similar in appearance and size which stood together, and which have been removed for the purpose of dike- building. It is called the Standing Stone, and is five feet above the surface of the earth. From behind it, a person of diminutive stature, known by the name of Little John, discharged an arrow at the head of a freebooter of formidable dimension who greatly annoyed the peaceful inhabitants, and who, though on the opposite side of the Tweed, was unable to elude the deadly stroke." One point of interest is that the other two standing stones, both of which are visible from the Giant's Stone, are not mentioned.

The spot where the stone stands has also been referred to as The Giant's Grave although this is noted in the 1845 Statistical Accounts of Scotland as being on the opposite side of the river. A burial cist was discovered at the spot.

The Giant's Stone is one of three stones found screened by forestry on a minor road leading to Fruid Reservoir, just north of the village of Tweedsmuir. The weather was overcast but bright during the time of visit and the atmosphere of the place still spooky to say the least. I've also been there on previous occasions when the weather has been dull and thick mist swirled about the rustling conifers, giving the place a haunted look. CANMORE records two other stones once stood in the vicinity but with the area now under dense forestry these have apparently been lost. However, at NT 0938 2388 there are two weathered recumbent stones measuring 1.9m x 1.0m x 0.4m and 1.4m x 0.9m x 0.3m have been noted and may be the missing stones. A point of interest, when walking past the site, was that each of the three standing stones at this location had a single quartz pebble placed on top. This probably has some ritual significance as quartz is often used in pagan rituals associated with standing stones and stone circles.

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Quick Info
Type: Named/Standing Stone
Nearest Town: Moffat
Nearest Village: Tweedsmuir
Landranger Sheet 72
O.S. Explorer Sheet 336
Grid Reference: NT 0953 2396
GPS Reference: GIANTS

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