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056 Standing Stones, Menzion, Tweedsmuir.

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In 1956, the RCAHMS noted two large standing stones, each measuring around 0.70m square on plan and reaching over 0.60m high, situated 1/4 miles north east of Menzion farmhouse. The more northerly stone, situated 10m west of the roadway and the other stone 25m south east of the first. The grid ref. for the location is given as NT 094 238. By 1972 the stones are described as missing and the area now under forestry. However, at NT 0938 2388 are two weathered recumbent stones measuring 1.9m x 1.0m x 0.4m and 1.4m x 0.9m x 0.3m which may have formerly been erect. These two stones obviously differ in size and shape to the two original and now missing stones described above.

From the A701 Penicuik to Moffat road, take the sign posted junction for Tweedsmuir village. Leaving the car in the gravel parking area on the south side of the village, walk along the single track road heading up to Fruid Reservoir. Continue past The Giant's Stone and two other standing stones. The stones can be seen near the roadside before the dry stone wall on the right hand side.

There is no parking beside the stones and vehicles should be left at the gravel area beside the monument in Tweedsmuir village.

Although no specific folklore has been found for this area other than that noted for the Giant's Stone, the number of standing stones in the area does give pause for thought. First, there is the Giant's Stone with two other standing stones opposite. Two recumbent stones can be seen only a few hundred metres further along the road towards Menzion farmhouse and these may have been erect at one time. There is also a record of two further standing stones in the same vicinity, apparently now missing. Obviously our ancestors held this location in high regard and various settlements, cairns and enclosed cremation cemeteries in the surrounding area also reinforce this. This area must have had religious or ritual significance to the peoples of the time.

I was not expecting to find anything when I set out to look for these stones as the RCAHMS describe this location as under forestry. However, they were easy to find only a few metres from the road and once the covering of moss and leaves had been removed the stones were brought to light. Of the two stones, both lying recumbent, one measures almost 2.00m in length and could easily has been erect at one time. The other stone is about 1/3 the size but shows obvious fractures at both ends, indicating it was larger at one time, possibly similar to the other stone. The two stones would have been quite imposing should they have ever been erect and would have surely been associated with the other standing stones seen to the north east. See 007 and 008.

One observation is of interest. The Giant's Stone and it's two standing stones are in line of sight of these two stones and just a little to the south west a dry stone wall has a deliberately constructed gap in the same alignment and a gap through the trees also exists. This might be sheer coincidence but does prompt me to speculate about fairy paths and how some cultures would not block the fairy path. Perhaps this is an example of such a tradition?

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stones
Nearest Town: Moffat
Nearest Village: Tweedsmuir
Landranger Sheet 72
O.S. Explorer Sheet 336
Grid Reference: NT 0938 2388
GPS Reference: MENZN2

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