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016 Bishop's Stone, Woll Rig, Ashkirk.

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The Bishop's Stone can be found about 10m west of the cattle grid on the road known locally as the Ashkirk Swire, a swire being a high pass. The stone is built into the base of the wall on the north side. There are no apparent markings and the stone is presumably a boundary marker due to its position along a field or estate boundary. It may have stood upright at some time in the past. The name suggests that it may originally have been erected to mark the boundary of the territory belonging to the Bishop of Glasgow, who owned virtually the whole land of Ashkirk parish from at least as early as the beginning of the 12th century.

From the A7 Selkirk to Hawick road, turn in at Ashkirk then follow the minor road for Ettrick. The stone is near the cattle grid on the high ground before dropping down into Ettrick. Follow the north side of the dry stone wall for about 20m.

There is plenty of space along the grass verge on the south side of cattle grid.

I am sure some folklore will come to light about The Bishop's Stone, considering the fact that the stone has been named such does hint at something hidden away just waiting to be found. The stone is rather plain to look at and is nothing special but some interesting lichen growth and a spectacular setting do give the location at least some value. Probably a stone for the enthusiast only.

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Quick Info
Type: Named/Boundary Stone
Nearest Town: Selkirk
Nearest Village: Ashkirk
Landranger Sheet 73
O.S. Explorer Sheet 338
Grid Reference: NT 4420 2353
GPS Reference: BISHOP

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