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064 Resting Stone, Falla Moss, Tweedsmuir.

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The Resting Stone appears to be a large angular boulder forming the base of one of two cairns situated on high ground slightly to the west of the ancient tracks running from the Devil's Beef Tub above Moffat to Tweedsmuir. The stone measures approx. 0.90m high and has some flat stones placed on top. The stone has also been referred to as The Reivers' Resting Stone.

Note: It is unclear if the stone shown here is the actual Resting Stone but has been taken as such until further evidence is found. An alternative location for the Resting Stone is located nearby.

From the A701 Penicuik to Moffat road, take the sign posted junction for Tweedsmuir village. Turn first right along the single track road heading to Fruid Reservoir. At the reservoir continue straight on along a single track road with passing places to Fruid farm. Park at the farm, asking for permission first. Follow the track that skirts the top of the reservoir until you reach the sheep pens. Cross the Carterhope Burn and keeping the burn on the left, head for Ballaman Hill. The Resting Stone (and also alternative site) is just south of the rock outcrops.

Note: The track shown on Explorer 330 is indistinct and very difficult to follow. Good map reading skills are required and a GPS device is highly recommended if visiting the area in poor visibility.

With permission at Fruid farm.

No written folklore or other traditions have been found associated with this stone  to date but from the stones name and position in an isolated and often bleak location high in the Tweedsmuir hills, it is likely to have been a location where travellers would seek shelter during adverse weather conditions. The ancient track which runs beside the Resting Stone may have possible associations with cattle rustling and the Border Reivers who were known to have used the Devil's Beef Tub to the south as a holding area for stolen cattle. It has also been recorded that, on still nights, when the moon is full and casts a silvery light over the moorland, you can hear the jingle of spurs and harness as the ghosts of the Border Reivers drive their stolen cattle along the ancient track as they return from south of the Border. Could be an interesting place for an over-night camp!

While the stone/cairns shown in the image above could be the Resting Stone, an alternative setting can be seen about 20 metres to the south. This location comprises a large recumbent slab surrounded by a loose scatter of smaller stones. From the layout of the stones here, it would appear that the large slab would have been surrounded by a low dry stone wall, providing a sheltered place for travellers to stop and rest, hence the Resting Stone.

Hi-Resolution Image to follow

Quick Info
Type: Named Stone
Nearest Town: Moffat
Nearest Village: Tweedsmuir
Landranger Sheet 78
O.S. Explorer Sheet 330
Grid Reference: NT 0899 1620
GPS Reference: RESTNG

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