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067 Standing Stone, Warrior's Rest, Yarrow.

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At the south east corner of the cottage known as Warriors Rest, some 300m west of Yarrow Church, there is a standing stone measuring 1.60m in height, 1.75m girth at the base and 1.20m round at the shoulder. The top is pointed and leans to the south and the stone marks the site of a Bronze Age and Early Christian cemetery.

The stone is off the A708 Selkirk to Moffat Road, less than a mile from Yarrow village. It can just be seen from the road, standing at the corner of the cottage named Warrior's Rest.

A small lay-by can be found near the site and a larger parking area can be seen at Yarrow Bridge. Take care as the road can be busy at times.

When asking permission to view this stone, the lady in Warrior's Rest cottage, mentioned that the stone had been erected when burial cists and cairns were found in the area back at the beginning of the 19th Century. What few records I've seen to date do not mention this and I wonder if this is actually true. The stone does look more like a traditional standing stone than something that formed part of a cist. Perhaps further investigation will reveal more. The stone does seems very "phallic" as the image clearly shows and I wonder if this a case of later Christian activities taking over a pagan site.

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stone
Nearest Town: Selkirk
Nearest Village: Yarrowford
Landranger Sheet 73
O.S. Explorer Sheet 337
Grid Reference: NT 3545 2775
GPS Reference: WARIOR

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