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032 Glebe Stone, Annan Street, Yarrow.

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A standing stone, known as the Glebe Stone, is situated 35m north of the A708 Selkirk to Moffat  road, to the west of Yarrow village. The stone is a massive, four-sided block measuring 1.40m in height, from 0.75m to 1.00m in width and 0.41m thick. The broader sides face WNW, and ESE. On the latter side, near the base, there are two doubtful cup-marks, one measuring 75mm in diameter and 15mm deep and the other 100mm x 125mm x 55mm deep. Around the stone there was formerly a large cairn covering a quantity of decomposed bones, while more than twenty similar cairns, one of which contained "part of an old iron spear", are reported from the same area.

The stone is off the A708 Selkirk to Moffat Road, less than a mile from Yarrow village. It can be seen from the road, standing in a cultivated field between Warrior's Rest and Whitefield.

A small lay-by can be found near the site and a larger parking area can be seen at Yarrow Bridge. Take care as the road can be busy at times.

The Glebe Stone is much more the classic standing stone than the rather gravestone-like size and shape of the Yarrow Stone to the west. While the Glebe Stone is all that remains of the burial cairn that once surrounded it, it still gives a haunting feel to the place, especially when an early morning mist still clings to the valley floor and the eerie cry of the curlew can be heard on the moor.

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Quick Info
Type: Standing Stone
Nearest Town: Selkirk
Nearest Village: Yarrowford
Landranger Sheet 73
O.S. Explorer Sheet 337
Grid Reference: NT 3528 2760
GPS Reference: GLEBES

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