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Landranger Map Index

Stones visited in the Scottish Borders region, listed by Ordnance Survey 1:50,000 Landranger Series map coverage.

Click here Ordnance Survey Explorer 1:25,000 Series.

Landranger 66
048 Stone Circle, Borrowstone Rig, Lauder.
049 Cairn, Borrowstone Rig, Lauder.
050 Standing Stone, Dabshead Hill, Lauder.
055 Standing Stone, Tollishill, Lauder.

Landranger 67
018 Grey Mare, Wether Law, Longformacus.
019 Grey Mare's Foal, Longformacus.

Landranger 72
001 Altar Stone, Stobo, Peebles.
007 Giant's Stone, Menzion, Tweedsmuir.
008 Standing Stones, Menzion, Tweedsmuir.
009 Megget Stone, Meggethead, Megget.
020 Stone Circle, Harestanes, Kirkurd.
025 Dead Wife's Grave, Dawyck, Stobo.
026 Stones, Hallmanor Forest, Manor.
027 Ship Stone, Posso, Manor Valley.
028 Font Stone, Kirkhope, Manor.
029 Marked Stone, Manorhead, Manor.
034 Coninie Stone, Kirkhope, Manor Valley.
035 Standing Stone, Drumelzier, Broughton.
056 Standing Stones, Menzion, Tweedsmuir.
057 Stone, Dreva Craig, Broughton.
062 Piper's Stone, Rachan Mill, Broughton.
074 Stone Circle, Hawkshaw, Tweedsmuir.

Landranger 73
002 White Stone, Innerleithen Road, Peebles.
003 Siller Stane, Eildon Hills, Melrose.
004 Standing Stone, Kirkton Manor, Peebles.
005 Standing Stone, Cardrona, Peebles.
006 Standing Stones, Sheriff Muir, Peebles.
012 Cairn, Green Knowe, Peebles.
013 Stone, Caddonlee, Clovenfords.
014 Wallace's Putting Stone, Galashiels.
015 Coot Stone, Holylee, Walkerburn.
016 Bishop's Stone, Woll Rig, Ashkirk.
017 Standing Stone, Bemersyde Hill, Melrose.
021 Cairn, White Meldon, Peebles.
022 Piper's Grave, Burntsheil Rig, Moorfoot Hills.
023 Cheese Well, Minchmoor, Traquair.
024 Riding Stane, Sunderland Hall, Selkirk.
030 Rubbing Stone, The Inch, Ettrick.
031 Yarrow Stone, Whitefield, Yarrow.
032 Glebe Stone, Annan Street, Yarrow.
033 Curling Stone, Newhouse Kip, Ettrick.
036 Standing Stone, Bemersyde, Melrose.
051 Standing Stone, Cambridge, Lauder.
052 Dod's Corse Stone, Boon Hill, Lauder.
063 Stone Setting, Bught Rig, Yarrow.
067 Standing Stone, Warrior's Rest, Yarrow.
071 Stone, Yarrow Kirk, Yarrow.
075 Boundary Stone, White Meldon, Peebles.
076 Turn-Again Stone, Skirmish Hill, Melrose.
078 Basin Stone, Thornylee, Walkerburn.
079 Cloven Stone, Holylee, Walkerburn.

Landranger 74
010 Standing Stone, Bruntaburn Mill, Lauder.
011 Standing Stone, Purveshaugh, Earlston.
043 Samson's Putting Stone, Monklaw, Jedburgh.
053 Brothers' Stones, Brotherstone, St. Boswells.
054 Cow Stone, Brotherstone, St. Boswells.
058 Stob Stanes, Stob Rig, Kirk Yetholm.
059 Boundary Stone, Stob Rig, Kirk Yetholm.
060 Standing Stone, Woodside, Ancrum.
061 Standing Stone, Harrietsfield, Ancrum.
077 Stone, Halterburn Ford, Kirk Yetholm.

Landranger 78
047 Peden's Pulpit, Gameshope, Tweedsmuir.
064 Resting Stone, Falla Moss, Tweedsmuir.

Landranger 79
065 Stone Circle, Burgh Hill, Hawick.
066 Buck Stone, Buckstone Rig, Newcastleton.
068 Standing Stone, Black Rig, Ettrick.
069 Standing Stone, Midsheils, Hawick.
070 Stone Circle, Ninestanes Rig, Newcastleton.
080 Sacred Place, Talla Water, Tweedsmuir.

Landranger 80
037 Standing Stone, Black Knowe, Hownam.
038 Standing Stone, Chatto Craig, Hownam.
039 Five Stones, Dere Street, Hownam.
040 The Shearers, The Street, Hownam.
041 Standing Stone, Horseshoe Wood, Hownam.
042 Standing Stone, Dodlaw Burn, Hownam.
044 Trestle Cairn, Dere Street, Hownam.
045 Black Knowe Cairn, Dere Street, Hownam.
046 Cairn, Dod Law, Hownam.
072 Standing Stone, Upper Hindhope, Hownam.
073 Standing Stone, Trestle Cairn, Hownam.

073 Standing Stone, Hownam.

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